JARIS Kindergarten Curriculum focuses more on the development of specific Numeracy and Literacy skills asthese skills are among the most important life skills that are crucial to a person’s ability to develop as an independent individual, to live a successful and rewarding life and to participate reasonably in the society. We ensure that our young learners acquirethese skills in a practicable wayand provide them with a smooth and effective developmental transition from preschool to school age. Language barrier has always been a predominant obstacle towards developing these skills.JARIS receives majority of the students coming from South Asian and Arab countries, with no knowledge of English. Brainstorming and designing ways to replace the use of basic words that they learn from the parents prior to joining the school has always been a challenge. The best solution was found in focusing more on comprehension rather than conventional kind of teaching and learning. Our teaching programs offer natural settings with a blend of plays/dramas to make the learning easy. The practice provides a solid platform for switching the minds from mother tongue to English prior to start of the K.G. Program.The skills used in higher modes of play also sharpen students’ reading and writing skills. On the other hand, the importance of other forms of activity-based learning in kindergarten cannot be denied. Our teachers customize their lessons using variety of instructional strategies with a continuous reflection on what worked the best with other children. Kindergarten children also learn through spontaneous investigation and inquiry. Engaging them intrans disciplinaryprojects in which they investigate a real event, strengthens children’sliteracy and numeracy skills and their vocabulary banks get a continuous addition as they acquire new words while sharing their findings with others. An experienced kindergarten teacher helps students draw more out of such experiences and make connections with real life and past learning.

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