Liaqat Ali Khan Yousafzai

I am very much delighted to write about my school whose mission is very close to my ideas about an educational organization providing quality education on affordable cost. The Owner including Principal are very much supportive and struggling very hard to make the vision successful. All the staff working under me are also striving hard to achieve the goal although they are compromising with economical conditions as the mission itself has noble values and they make themselves satisfied even if they lose monetary gains.

In my capacity as Vice Principal heading 2ND Jawahir Al Riyadh International School of this school I also feel that my responsibilities include but do not end providing best services to all the students. We recognize our students’ different needs and work hard with them to develop talents and potential in a spirit of mutual respect. Our aspirations, expectations and commitment are exceptionally high for all members of the school community. So far my background is concerned, I did my specialization (M.Sc Hons/M.Phil) in the field of Entomology in the year 1999 and I am pursuing my PhD in Educational leadership.  I joined this School and started teaching Biology and Chemistry to higher grades (SSC, HSSC of FBISE discipline) and O/A Level students and prepared them for University of Cambridge Examination since 1999-2000. During the course of my teaching I got a chance to get closed to the Principal and was very much inspired about his vision about the quality education. The more I got involved, the more I thrilled about the scope and need of quality education. Watching my enthusiasm the Principal engaged me fully with supervisory post. In the year 2003 I was given the position of Assistant Principal and started heading the boys section of the school. In addition to my routine duties I was given the responsibility to prepare yearly plan for the academic year in advance, supervise lesson planning, and guide the teaching staff how to manipulate these lessons professionally so all significant topics are addressed and taught.

The school has been entering the second phase and first step towards the advancement, equipping with all the paraphernalia both in Science and IT. My teachers are using multimedia, smart boards and all audio – video aids to deliver best to the students.

The school has zero tolerance policy towards discipline and behavior. It motivates the students to follow the principles and to become role model for others to follow. This brings confidence in students and respect vice – versa. The discipline policy adopted by JARIS restrains students totally to bullying. Rarely there was any clash or scuffle noticed lately.

We all teachers work as a team and share ideas to improve and learn from each other. I have never seen any obstruction or hurdle whenever I need to introduce any change for students’ improvement and sought any guidance from either my management or my colleagues. Special thanks are extended to teachers for inspiring children to be lifelong learners! We love your passion!

As a team member when we realize we are really good at something and want to become even better at it, the same goes for students. Giving them tools to be and feel successful will help them find their passions.

Liaqat Ali Yousufzai

Vice Principal (American Section)

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